Preservation Detail

To preserve or restore, that is often the question.

If you’ve ever been to one of the really big car shows, I’m sure you’ve seen a beautiful classic restored far beyond how it looked the day it left the factory. There’s a time and place for the full-monty restoration, but it’s not something that really interests me. I’m far more interesting in taking a “driver” and seeing how good I can make it look just with thorough cleaning and modern coatings. After all, it’s only original once.

A good preservation detail can correct years of neglect and bring a car back to 90% of its former glory, all while preserving originality. 

The ’72 DeTomaso Pantera above was garage kept but neglected. Off the road for about 12 years, the interior was full of mold, but the leather itself was in great condition. You could smell the mold with the windows up from about 10 feet away. The new owner was trying to decide whether to flip it; restore it; or just get it running and enjoy it. After the preservation detail, he decided to get it running and enjoy it.

We can refresh your tired old interior.

BMW E39 M5 Interior Refresh

We don’t just detail classics. We can detail your track-car, daily driver or tow vehicle. A typical project involves deep cleaning, paint correction, polishing, paint touch-up, ceramic coating, interior deep cleaning and leather color refresh and takes 2 to 4 days of effort depending on services selected, condition of the vehicle, and vehicle size.

Below are examples of recent projects.

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