Dive Watches

Most of the watches I build for customers are based on Seiko SKX compatible designs or components. Even some of the watches which appear very different (i.e., Turtle) are still interchangeable with SKX components. Then one day, at the track, one of my fellow watch enthusiast drivers said I should offer modding services in addition to the parts and equipment I sell. So here we are.

Below are some of the watches I’ve made or modded over the past two years. As a rule of thumb, if it has a “Seiko” dial, it was a mod project, and if it has a “S” dial, it was a new build. Most of the parts I use are sourced from Esslinger, eWatchParts, Long Island Watch, or CrystalTimes.

If you have a Seiko dive watch and are looking for someone to refinish or replace a case, change a dial, reset hands, change a bezel or bezel insert, install a crystal, or build a custom watch, then please send an email to info@gcomotorsports.com and let’s talk about your project.

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